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Where to Find Travel Nurse Housing

After accepting a new travel assignment, many nurses will type "houses for rent near me" or “near the hospital” (or clinic) they'll soon be working at into Google. This will likely show them various options through social media and rental websites. However, these options are not always the best fit for a traveling healthcare professional's needs- with long leases, no furnishings, and no utilities set up and ready to go.

These days, there are booking platforms like Transplant Housing, a travel nurse housing finder dedicated specifically to providing furnished housing for traveling healthcare professionals. On our site, you'll find listings tailored to your needs- from houses and condos to apartments, townhomes, and more.

What to Expect from Travel Nurse Housing

Travel nurses and traveling healthcare professionals have a few top priorities in mind when searching for a house for rent. Despite the growing number of traveling nurses each year, platforms like Transplant housing make it easy to find high-quality short-term housing properties.

Standard amenities that every nurse should look for to make the rental process as smooth and easy as possible include:

  • A fully furnished housing property
  • Common kitchenware items like pans, silverware, pots, and many more
  • Some appliances like microwaves and toasters
  • Pet-friendly housing available
  • All basic utilities, including electricity, water, gas, WiFi, and more
  • Budget-friendly homes that fit your short-term rental needs

Our Mission is to Help You With Housing

Transplant Housing is the best travel nurse housing finder. You can find the best housing options near your working location and other desirable locations in the town you are relocating. We offer some of the best housing properties throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transplant Housing currently has around 8,000 listings throughout the US, giving you various options to cater to your specific rental property needs.

Yes, we cater to the entire US. While we don't have houses for rent in every town and state, our listing options grow daily. If you are traveling to a popular travel nurse hub, you can rest assured that we have listings available in that area.

We do not accept online rent payments at this time. We recommend using a secure online payment system like Venmo or PayPal to pay your rent.

As a travel nurse or healthcare professional, there are no costs involved with finding a rental property through Transplant Housing. You determine payment details directly with the host. Therefore, you are not eligible for any refunds or credits if you decide to cancel your rental agreement.

No, these are the largest hub cities with the most listings for short-term housing. We offer a wide range of rental properties throughout the US, and our listing options are growing daily.

The individual host determines whether pets are allowed and if an extra fee is charged. We suggest you inquire about pet policies before signing any lease agreement.

While hosts like to offer monthly plans that cater to a typical 13-week assignment, some may offer weekly rental options. The best way to find out is to contact the host directly and ask.