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AB Staffing Solutions
Phone: (888) 515-3900
Email: shannon@abstaffing.com

Access Nursing Service
Phone: 914-747-9696
Email: info@accessnursing.net

Advance Med
Phone: 866-930-7088

Advantage Medical Staffing
Phone: 866-681-1997
Email: support@advantagemedicalstaffing.com

Atlas MedStaff
Phone: 855-884-2360

Axis Healthcare Staffing
Phone: 877.999.AXIS (2947)
Email: info@axishealthcarestaffing.com

Advance Nursing
Phone: east 864-244-1770 west 520-881-4028
Email: contact@advancenursing.com

Advanced Clinical Employment Staffing
Phone: 866-864-8620
Email: hr@acesnursetravel.com

Advanced Placement Travel
Phone: 1-800-309-8057
Email: info2@aptgo.net

Advantage Nursing
Phone: (800) 375-0073
Email: travel@advantagenursing.com

Advantage RN
Phone: (866) 301-4045
Email: info@advantagern.com

Agostini Nurse Staffing
Phone: 1-800-823-0570

Alda Professional Placement Services
Phone: 972-202-9946
Email: staffing@aldatech.com

All About Staffing, Inc.
Phone: (800) 737-8661

All Health Staffing
Phone: (877) 577-8233
Email: info@allhealthstaffing.com

Altres Medical Staffing (Hawaii)
Phone: (888) 868-1600 (Toll Free)

American Critical Care Services
Phone: 804.320.1113

American Mobile Healthcare
Phone: (800) 282-0300
Email: contact@americanmobile.com

American Traveler
Phone: (800) 884-8788
Email: info@americantraveler.com

As Needed Staffing
Phone: 800-671-0381
Email: contactus@asneededstaff.com

Assist Healthcare Staffing
Phone: (800) 732-7088
Email:  info@nursestaffing.com

ATC Travelers
Phone: (866) 562-7667

Aureus Medical Group
Phone: 1.800.856.5457
Email: nursejobseekers@aureusmedical.com

Axis Healthcare Staffing
Phone: 877.999.AXIS (2947)

Aya Healthcare
Phone: 1-866-687-7390


Bryan Healthcare Services
Phone: 1-800-344-2202

Genesis Medical Staffing
Phone: (877) 494-0467

GHR Travel Nursing
Phone: 888-614-7123
Email: info@ghrtravelnursing.com

Gifted Healthcare
Phone: 1-888-566-8773
Email: staffing@giftednurses.com

Global Personnel Services
Phone: 1-800-600-9948
Email: tami@ghsol.com

C2 Professional Services
Phone: 1-877-796-5852
Email: travel@c2pros.com

California Travel Nurses
Phone: (888) 894-2900

Career Staff Unlimited
Phone: (888) 993-4599

Cirrus Medical Staffing
Phone: 800-299-8132
Email: info@cirrusmedicalstaffing.com

Club Staffing
Phone: 1-800-875-8999
Email: info@clubstaffing.com

Core Medical Group
Phone: 1-800-995 CORE
Email: Info@CoreMedicalGroup.com

Email: homeoffice@nursestaffing.net

Critical Nurse Staffing
Phone: multiple numbers

Critical Nursing Solutions
Phone: 877-CNSSUN1 (877-267-7861)
Email: travel@cnsnursing.com

Cross Country TravCorps
Phone: 800.530.6125

Phone: 800-347-0548

Curamed Staffing
Phone: 866.938.7811
Email: info@curamedstaffing.com

Curastat Personnel
Phone: 888-865-7828
Email: recruiting@curastat.com

Dependable Healthcare
Phone: 1-(888) 888-1968
Email: Nursing@Dependablestaffing.com

Elite Travel Nurse
Phone: 800-894-3107
Email: info@elitetravelnurse.com

Emerald Health Services
Phone: 800-917-5055
Email: info@emeraldhs.com

Eminent Medical Staffing
Phone: 877-593-4839
Email: info@eminentstaff.com

Expedient Medstaff
Phone: 877.367.8770
Email: info@expedientmedstaff.com

Phone: 800-736-8773 (800-73-NURSE)

Favorite Nurses
Phone: (800) 755-1411
Email: GoTravel@FavoriteStaffing.com

Fidelity On Call, Ltd
Phone: 800-836-7633
Email: info@fidelityoncall.com

First Assist Travelers
Phone: multiple numbers

Flexcare Medical Staffing
Phone: 866-564-3589
Email: info@flexcarestaff.com

Fortus Travel Healthcare Resources
Phone: 888-387-3625

Foundation Medical Staffing
Phone: 1-866-349-4688

Fusion Medical Staffing
Phone: 877-230-3885

Healthcare Starz
Phone: 888-777-4920

Health Force Nurse Travel And Allied Staffing
Phone: 800-811-6062

Health One Staffing
Phone: 888-GO-HLTH-1 888.464.5841
Email: jobs@healthonestaffing.com

Health Providers Choice
Phone: 888-299-9800

Health Source Group
Phone: 516-605-1310
Email: info@healthsourcegroup.com

Healthcare Pros
Phone: 1-800-710-1123

Healthcare Seeker
Phone: 888-331-3431

Host Healthcare
Phone: 800-706-5493
Email: info@hosthealthcare.com

HPS Healthcare Professional Staffing
Phone: 800-585-1299

HRN Services
Phone: 888.476.9333
Email: corpinfo@hrnservices.com

Jackson Nurse Professionals
Phone: 1-888-300-5132

LifeStat Medical Staffing

Phone: 501-803-9800

Liquid Agents Healthcare
Phone: 1.888.301.9333
Email: jobs@liquidagents.com

LRS Healthcare
Phone: (800) 811-0064
Email: information@LRSHealthcare.com

MAS Medical Staffing
Phone: 800 657 6517
Email: nursing@masmedicalstaffing.com

Medical Staffing Options
Phone: (866) 316-1676
Email: bbrayer@medicalstaffingoptions.com

Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (877) 217-9825
Email: mailbox@medicalstaffingsolutionsinc.com

Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC
Phone: (866) 397-5741
Email: success@mssmedicalstaffing.com

Medrec Travel
Phone: 800-437-7560

MedSource Travelers
Phone: 800-440-1909
Email: Info@MedSourceTravelers.com

Medstaff Healthcare Solutions
Phone: 800-201-9855
Email: sales@medstaffinc.com

Meridian Medical Staffing
Phone: 800-245-9414

Millenia Medical Staffing
Phone: 888.686.6877
Email: bhughes@milleniamedical.com

Maxim Healthcare Services
Phone: 410-910-1500

MCR (Managed Care Resources)
Phone: (310) 470 4232
Email: info@mcr4jobs.com

Medcall Northwest
Phone: (800)  652-6082
Email: ask@medcallnorthwest.com

Medfirst Staffing
Phone: 1-888-421-0395
Email: mfs@medfirststaffing.com

Medical Connections
Phone: 1.800.681.2056
Email: info@medicalconnections.com

Medical Contracting Services
Phone: (800) 388-5581

Medical Express
Phone: 800-544-7255
Email: info@medicalexpress.com

Medical Methods
Phone: 877-990-0090
Email: info@medicalmethods.net

Medical Solutions
Phone: 866-686-5805
Email:  nurse.travel@onassignment.com

Medical Staffing Network
Phone: 800.676.8326
Email: Info@MSNHealth.com

Medical Staffing Partners
Phone: 800-896-4164

Phone: 1-888-500-4700
Email: info@mediscan.net

Medpro Staffing
Phone: 800.886.8108

Medstaff Inc.
Phone: (800) 201-9855
Email: sales@medstaffinc.com

New Directions
Phone: 1.888.654.1110
Email: jfurlano@mynewdirections.com

Nationwide Nurses
Phone: 866-836-8773
Email: travel@nationwidenurses.com

NC Staffing
Phone: 888-NCSTAFF
Email: travel@ncstaffing.com

Nightingale Nurses
Phone: 800-735-6170
Email: jobs@nightingalenurses.net

Phone: (888) 668-2779

Nurse Bridge
Phone: (866) 792-0005
Email: info@nursebridge.com

Nurse Dynamics
Phone: 888.572.8937
Email: info@nursedynamics.com

Phone: 866.557.6050
Email: info@nursechoice.com

Phone: 1-800-445-0459
Email: info@nursefinders.com

Nurses in Partnership
Phone: 800.978.8555

Nurses PRN
Phone: 888.830.8811

Nurses Rx
Phone: 800.735.4774

Ocean to Ocean Healthcare
Phone: 866-266-8773
Email: info@oceantoocean.net 

OneStaff Medical
Phone: 877-783-1483
Email: info@onestaffmedical.com

Onward Health
Phone: 800.278.0332
Email: info@onwardhealthcare.com

OR Nurses Inc
Phone: (877) 682-2901
Email: travel@ornursesinc.com

Tailored Healthcare Staffing

Phone: (800) 927-5918
Email: recruitment@thstravel.com

Phone: 800-494-0087
Email: info@talemed.com

TG Healthcare
Phone: 866-696-8559
Email: info@tghealthcare.com

The Fortus Group
Phone: 1-888-387-3625

Travel Nurses Now
Phone: 1-800-591-7860

3D Medical Staffing
Phone: 877-764-7400
Email: nurses@3dmedicalstaffing.com

Tech Group Inc
Phone: 800-523-3968

The Parx Group
Phone: 866-450-7279

Titan Medical Group
Phone: 866-332-9600

TotalMed Staffing
Phone: (866) 288-8001
Email: StaffingHelp@TotalMedStaffing.com

Travel Max Medical Professionals
Phone: 888-800-1855
Email: Jobs@TMaxNursing.com

Travel Nurse Across America
Phone: 800-240-2526
Email: info@nurse.tv

Triage Staffing
Phone: 800-259-9897
Email: nursing@triagestaff.com

Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group
Phone: 866-999-0771
Email: info@trinityhsg.com

TRS Healthcare
Phone: 1 888-987-8233
Email: fwhalen@trshealthcare.com

Phone: 877-880-0346
Email: info@trustaff.com